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2020 Words of the year Every year for the past 4-5 years I have come up with a word. A word to focus my heart on, a word to  grow in. I realized when preparing for 2020 that my words are usually verbs. As I reflected on that I came to a realization that has developed into my anthem for 2020. You see, the verbs I was choosing were reflective of my actions, what I could be doing. But as I prepared for the coming year I realized that this year my focus needs to be totally different. The power of the Gospel that it's really not about us, its about Jesus and what HE did for US. Not the other way around. And so I began to pray and read scripture that pointed me towards that. A new focus So for 2020 instead of focusing on what I want to grow in, and areas where I think I need to change. I just want to focus on God. I want to focus on the fact that without him, I am utterly helpless. I heard a teacher talking about the passage in John 10 of the Shepherd and His Flock, and he was