My kids do this thing where they get obsessed with a movie and I feel like all I do is watch said movie, on repeat. I surely hope that I am not alone in this, and someone out there feels this pain of being subjected to the same characters and plot until you could act out the movie scene by scene with perfect rendition… awe motherhood. We’ve been on our third round of the Moana obsession recently and last night as I was cooking dinner I feel like God gave me fresh ears for Moana but more specifically for my children. Hang with me, Moana is such a different princess, or “chief’s daughter”, or whatever she is, and I could spend this whole blog talking about how she doesn’t wait for a prince to rescue her and it would be good, but it’s also already been said, so that’s not where this is going. Instead, I want to focus on her identity.

Me and Lisa- cause were on a first name basis 

 I just finished reading “Without Rival” by Lisa Brevere. I also got to hear her speak at Seacoast Church for the Chosen conference, and she is my girl! I love how she brings God’s word and isn’t afraid to be bold. The book’s subtitle is “Embrace your identity and purpose in an age of confusion and comparison”. She does such a beautiful job explaining and relating to this topic and it’s helping me grow in lots of ways. In the book she says, “You are filled with the same Spirit that raised Christ from the grave. Rivals want you to fight on their terms and in your own strength. You must not. You must be bigger than that. As children without rival, we do good when we are dealt evil. Ultimately, this is not about our glory; it is all for his” (The history major in me feels like I need to do an APA citation here. So I’ll just tell you this quote is on page 107 in her book). So often I see myself face challenges and I want to stomp my feet and pray that God will just remove them, but I’m slowly learning that it’s good for me. I will never reach the full potential he created me for if I stay infantile in my faith. The growth that is so necessary for life change is found in the valleys where you have to strap on your armor and fight for it. 

Moana, make way

So back to Moana, I know you’re all trying to connect the dots. I promise there is a connection. I’ve been studying this book all about identity and coupled with a powerful sermon series at Freedom Church called Metamorphosis. It has been all about using the power of the Holy Spirit given to every believer to create real change in our lives. So God has been exposing me to lots of teachings on identity, creating life change, and facing hardship to be the best version of ourselves for God’s glory. Cue, Moana. As I was throwing sweet potatoes in the air fryer (free advertisement for air fryers- if you don’t have one you need to stop reading this blog and get on amazon. It’s amazing and I cook everything we eat in that thing). Did you buy your air fryer? …...okay? We can continue. As I listened to this movie for the 87th time, all I could hear was the attack on Moana. Both her situation and the people in her life were determined to keep her from this bigger calling she saw for herself. It would have been really easy for her to just become the chief and call it a day. But she wouldn’t have been true to her calling. I believe that God has a specific calling on us, and if we really want to reach our full potential we’ve got to be more attentive and focused.

Hearts and belief

First, I think we have to examine our relationship with God. Romans 10:9-10 says, “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved”. Friends, everything starts here. Building a relationship with God is the best thing you can do to start down a path of real life change. From there I think we just have to get on our knees and pray. Ask God to align your desires with His will and then ask him to speak a clear purpose over your life. When you mess up immediately repent and get back up again.  

Bold and Confident

From there I think we have got to be bold and confident. We’ve got to stand firm on what we’ve been called to by God and we can’t let circumstances or other people’s opinions dictate that calling. So often I hear women worry about the opinions of others, and I’ve been guilty of it myself. We compare until we're blue in the face and spend our time scrolling social media inticing ourselves towards envy. I love Lisa Brever’s definition of envy. She says that “envy tells me I want her part, and refuses to believe that there would be enough for me. Envy shows a complete lack of trust in God, because if I believe in him and trust him with my life, than surely I believe that he can bring you good things and still have enough for me too!” 


 Instead of this envy and comparison, what if we create habits that devote our time towards finding our calling? What if we all found that calling and then were a little more like Moana. Loving the people around us, and being kind when they stand against us but also not backing down. What if we trusted that if we’re doing God’s work, that he’s got our back? I want to be more like Moana, but really I want to be more like Jesus. And Jesus says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I pray that together we can embrace our God given identities and live unapologetically in them. Hallelujah + amen. 


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