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Have a little faith

I’ve been super quiet on here lately because well, life. Honestly, we’ve been going through a lot over in our household. First all 4 kids caught croup which led to many sleepless nights, so that was a ball of fun. I seriously feel like we have lived at some sort of doctor’s office for the majority of the last couple of months.   We went to get 3 out of the 4 kids evaluated for some type of therapy. We got Gray evaluated for speech and occupational therapy which hopefully he’ll start receiving here soon, Charlee got evaluated for physical therapy and it was recommended that she receive it, and then I got Crew evaluated because he wasn’t putting any weight on his legs and I thought it was because he was breech my whole pregnancy, turns out he’s just lazy, that little turd. After working on it at home, he is now standing on his legs and jumping in his jumper so that was a nice little relief.   I’ve been pretty open about what’s going on and the struggles we are facing because


Moana .  My kids do this thing where they get obsessed with a movie and I feel like all I do is watch said movie, on repeat. I surely hope that I am not alone in this, and someone out there feels this pain of being subjected to the same characters and plot until you could act out the movie scene by scene with perfect rendition… awe motherhood. We’ve been on our third round of the Moana obsession recently and last night as I was cooking dinner I feel like God gave me fresh ears for Moana but more specifically for my children. Hang with me, Moana is such a different princess, or “chief’s daughter”, or whatever she is, and I could spend this whole blog talking about how she doesn’t wait for a prince to rescue her and it would be good, but it’s also already been said, so that’s not where this is going. Instead, I want to focus on her identity. Me and Lisa- cause were on a first name basis   I just finished reading “Without Rival” by Lisa Brevere. I also got to hear her spe

Leslie Knope

I remember coming cross this image and I am a huge fan of Parks and Rec, so naturally I loved it. If you have not seen this amazing show you must stop, block off 5-7 hours and benge this amazing television masterpiece. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like P and R then your dead to me….. Just kidding, but seriously, it's the best. I love the passion that the character Leslie Knope brings to her life, job, and relationships. And I remember about a year ago seeing this picture of her with the caption “Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do”....meaning give it 110%. The go getter in me has always felt inspired by this quote. But it was today as I sat at my kitchen table feeding my baby oatmeal, watching him try to learn how to keep the food in his mouth instead of letting his little tongue push it back out, listening to my two year old and four year old run around playing queen and king/ power rangers; that I remembered this quote and I felt the Holy Spirit say “lesli


Love is Patient This post is for anyone who loves someone, cue love languages. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I highly suggest you read “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman. To give you a little context basically there are 5 major types of love languages, or ways that people give and receive love. I think an important side note here is that we should never go to any person to make us feel fulfilled. Only Jesus can do that and if we’re looking to others for that fulfillment we’re always going to be disappointed. My husband Drew makes a great husband but he makes a crappy God. Everything starts with having a healthy relationship with God, and from there we can also approach healthy relationships with others.  Not our Comfort  These healthy relationships take time, understanding, patience and so many other virtues that God wants to grow in us. Knowing and understanding each other’s love language is a really important step and one that can help our relationships gro