How I workout

How I workout 

I have a rotation of a couple things that I do and I’ve had enough people ask me what I do to workout that I thought I would be fun to share it here! I have been working out since I quit playing soccer in the 10th grade. I love the endorphins and the feeling of accomplishing a hard workout. I know not everyone loves to exercise but I hope that I can share some tips with you that will make it more enjoyable!

What I do

I love to run, before you roll your eyes and quit reading hear me out. Running can be enjoyable, and doesn't have to be something you hate. I don’t get to it as often as I like because I have three kids and a double jogger, you do the math. The biggest thing I will say if your learning to run, is do it with someone. I can run twice as long with a friend as I can by myself! It helps you to not think about it and to make it go faster. If you can't run with someone, then music is a must. This is one of my favorite running playlist if you need somewhere to start:

Find the songs that pump you up and make a playlist!

But I don't just run, I also do a combo of a few other things: in addition to running about 1-2 times per week, I do yoga/pilates (my favorite right now!) and I do T-25. I just added the T-25 back in after having my third baby, and it kicks your booty! When I run, I usually do some version of intervals or HITT to boost my heart rate and give me the biggest bang for my buck. This is an example of a run I do: 

My friend Danielle introduced me to the love of yoga when I was pregnant and was having lots of back and sciatica. Yoga with Adrienne is a youtube channel with lots of good free videos and is a great place to start if your looking to do some easy/intermediate yoga for muscle aches and stretching! She also introduced me to BOHO BEAUTIFUL, they are really fun videos because this couple travels all over the world filming these videos. I would say they are more intermediate/advanced but they are my favorite thing to do right now! (Disclosure- I don’t know what she believes in exactly, but when she starts to get spiritual I just tune her out and pray!)

I also can’t right a blog post without mentioning my exercise soul sisters from Tone it Up. I follow their meal plan as a regular practice and have for 7+ years. It’s how I’ve lost baby weight two and a half times, so far, and I love doing their workout videos. They have an app now that you have to pay for but they have tons of free videos on their youtube channel too. 


This is a big one that I hear from people of all walks of life, when am I supposed to do this? I have worked full time, part time, had one kid, then two, then three and there is only one thing I can say in my experience. You just have to make it a priority. I don’t believe that you should workout to the point that its unhealthy, or something that takes precedent over your faith or family and I can say there have been seasons where it has become an idol for me. When that happens I put it on the back burner and make sure I get my priorities back in line. When things are on my calendar and I know I’m going to do them that day, I am a lot more likely to do them than if I just leave it up to chance. Over time, it becomes a habit and something I look forward to instead of dread. I also just don’t work out super early in the morning. I’ve been lucky that I’ve always been able to figure out another time, but I hate getting up early and an so cranky that my workout is much better if I will just wait until I’ve had coffee and time to adjust to being a functioning adult. 

Where and the swag

Based on the types of activity I described you can probably figure out that I work out at home. With three kids and a busy schedule if I had to drive to a gym everyday I would be much less likely to actually workout. Because I do it at home, I can work it in around nap times and all the other things we have going on. 

I have also found what I like to have as far as “the stuff” and I am much more likely to workout if all my favorite gear is ready to go. Because I don’t fold my laundry (see the post on that) I usually have some of my favorite leggings ready to go everyday. I like two brands: one is Cabi and the other is from amazon and is called 90 degrees (they are really cheap and really good quality!) I also cannot workout with out a headband and pony tail holder. I need my hair pulled back and out of my face. A few years ago I found these Sweaty Bands and they stay put in my hair and I love them (this is the next print I want, if anyone wants to send it to my husband for a sweet sercy). Sunglasses that don't bounce on your face when your running outside are also important. But the most important thing are the socks and shoes. Balega makes my favorite pair of socks (they have this lip on the back so they don't slide down in your shoes). I have been wearing the same brand of running shoes for 2 years now and they are really great. They are also really affordable! 

The reason why 

So now that I've brand repped for like thirty companies, let me leave you with this. If you want to exercise as part of your lifestyle you've got to know what your motivation is. The reason why you do something is so crucial to anything we do, because on those days where you just want to skip it and eat a whole roll of tollhouse cookiedough on the couch, your reason why will make you push through. I exercise because I've got a lot to do on this Earth and if there is anything within my control to make sure I can do it all then that's what I'm going to do! Hallelujah and amen. 


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