Cough Cough

Hey friends. I am loving this "fallish" weather. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love sweaters, boots, cozy blankets, fires, and football. I also just recently discovered the show Friday Night Lights...I know, I'm super super late to the party. But how good is that show??

The other thing that comes with Fall is sickness, which I do not like. I would consider myself a borderline germaphobe and "worry-wart", and with 3 little kids sickness comes with the territory.  Both Kayla and I have been busy with sick kids over the past few weeks with various viruses and infections, and it had me thinking a lot about control.

God has grown me a lot in the area of control and worry especially when it comes to the sicknesses of my kids. When my daughter was a baby, every cough, sneeze, and fever sent me into a tizzy. Luckily, I have had amazing people in my life who have gone before and have helped me to not be such a "worry-wart". Don't get me wrong, I still worry when they are sick, take them to the doctor, and all the things; but I have realized one thing. My children really aren't mine.....they are God's. God loves them, wants good things for them, and they are under his protection. Praying this over myself and my children whenever minor sickness comes up has been so crucial for my heart. It's something I have to pray continually and remind myself of often. Just knowing this and realizing the beautiful truth of our belonging to God is incredibly freeing. It allows me to do the job he's called me to, which is to be their mother. There are things I can protect them from, and there are things that I must rely on God for. This has been the central message God has taught me in regards to motherhood for the last five years. This doesn't just apply to when they are sick, it applies to every aspect of their life. The culture we are raising kids in is scary, and without Jesus as your rock and central focus I honestly don't know how you can parent. I have friends and family navigating raising teenagers, and when I listen to the things they have to think about it makes me want to dig a bunker under my house and come out when all my kids are in their thirties.

But Jesus
Without Jesus, that is exactly what my flesh wants. But when I add Jesus and the hope of what he did for myself and my children, a breath of fresh air fills my sails and I remember whey we are here. We are not here to ourselves, we are here for him.

"Provide people with a glimpse of good living and of the living God. Carry the light-giving Message into the night so I'll have good cause to be proud of you on the day that Christ returns" (Phillipians 2:15-16).  Paul was writing to the church to remind them of their purpose. God calls all of us to follow him and to share his love with those around us. It's about HIM, and it most definitely is not about me. But being the loving and gracious God that he is, he cares about me enough to take my worry. He wants me to continually come to him and unload my stresses so I don't have to walk alone. The beauty and hope that is in that means that when my kids are sick I can turn to God and ask him to protect and heal their little bodies. It means I don't have to live like someone terrified of what life is going to bring. So today, I am speaking His truth over myself and I hope you'll do the same. Hallelujah and amen.


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