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Cough Cough

Fall  Hey friends. I am loving this "fallish" weather. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love sweaters, boots, cozy blankets, fires, and football. I also just recently discovered the show Friday Night Lights...I know, I'm super super late to the party. But how good is that show?? Sickness The other thing that comes with Fall is sickness, which I do not like. I would consider myself a borderline germaphobe and "worry-wart", and with 3 little kids sickness comes with the territory.  Both Kayla and I have been busy with sick kids over the past few weeks with various viruses and infections, and it had me thinking a lot about control. Control God has grown me a lot in the area of control and worry especially when it comes to the sicknesses of my kids. When my daughter was a baby, every cough, sneeze, and fever sent me into a tizzy. Luckily, I have had amazing people in my life who have gone before and have helped me to not be such a "worry-wart".

How I workout

How I workout  I have a rotation of a couple things that I do and I’ve had enough people ask me what I do to workout that I thought I would be fun to share it here! I have been working out since I quit playing soccer in the 10th grade. I love the endorphins and the feeling of accomplishing a hard workout. I know not everyone loves to exercise but I hope that I can share some tips with you that will make it more enjoyable! What I do I love to run, before you roll your eyes and quit reading hear me out. Running can be enjoyable, and doesn't have to be something you hate. I don’t get to it as often as I like because I have three kids and a double jogger, you do the math. The biggest thing I will say if your learning to run, is do it with someone. I can run twice as long with a friend as I can by myself! It helps you to not think about it and to make it go faster. If you can't run with someone, then music is a must. This is one of my favorite running playlist if you need