I don't fold laundry

Laundry. Laundry. Laundry

Did the title of this blog make you shutter, your shoulders tense, or did you spouse notice you were reading a blog about laundry and nudge you in the side? My hope is that this blog will not only provide some practical tips on laundry but will also freeing to someone!

Why oh why?
Laundry is essential to everyday living, I don't think anyone would debate about that. However, the manner in which people do laundry can vary greatly. I have been on a quest since having my first child to find the 1. Easiest 2. Cheapest 3. Fastest way to do household chores. I am not a wife and mom that leisurely loves doing laundry and dishes, if that is you then continue to enjoy and love it and I’m so glad for you. If you are not this wife and mom, and can relate to the constant mental struggle of spending 5.5 minutes to unload the dishwasher, (yes I timed myself because it was getting ridiculous at how much I avoided it) then you can probably relate to my laundry struggle. 

Drew's laundry basket

What matters most?
Because those three things are my priorities for household chores I have been tweaking my laundry system for a long time and I have finally found a system that works well for our family of five. The way I look at it, you only get so much time throughout the day and I learned from an amazing leader and mentor that you have to ask yourself “what matters most?”. To me spending countless hours doing laundry isn’t what matters most, however it is something that has to be done. I would much rather spend time with my kids, write, or basically anything else and so I’ve chosen to free myself from the “laundry rules” that used to plague me. Let me be more specific….

towels and my laundry basket 

The Sorting Hat
I do not sort my laundry by colors, whites, lights, darks, or any other sorting system based on the type of clothes. I have four laundry baskets in my house. One is mine, one is for towels (which I’ll explain later), one is for the hubby, and then one is for the kids upstairs. When each basket is full I take it to the laundry room and dump it in (once a week). Gasp! Yes I dump them right on in and don’t look back. For me the act of washing the clothes is not bad, mainly because I’m not actually washing them I’m just dumping them in. Side note, I do keep an eye of clothes that get a stain and instead of putting them in the appropriate laundry basket I take them directly to the laundry room, spray them, and let them sit until their fellow teammates are ready to be washed. 

post dump pre sort

This is where I hope you feel freed from your hate for laundry. Before I explain my system, let me tell you the reasons why I don’t fold clothes. How many times have you washed and dried a load of clothes and then left them sitting in the dryer or pulled them out into a basket and either left them in the laundry room or taken them to another room just to end up rummaging through them the next morning? Folding is the reason I would do this all the time, I just dreaded the thought of sitting and folding a bunch of laundry and so I would just leave it somewhere and use the basket essentially as a dresser. If you’re like me then this happens a lot, and even if I did make myself fold it then the thought of putting it away would plague me too. So one day after I had really stepped up and folded and put away all the laundry, my five year old decided she needed to touch and look at every dress in her dresser. I felt so angry and defeated at all my hard work that had been demolished in 5 seconds, and so I asked myself “what matters most here?”. After making my daughter clean up her mess (I ain’t her maid y’all), I decided enough was enough. And so that’s how this came to be….

the kids laundry basket beside the bathroom upstairs 

Marie Kondo would have a heart attack
Since I wash my clothes and Drew’s clothes separately, all I do is take the basket and dump in in front of my dresser or his (depending on who’s laundry I just did) and then I sort piles based on what goes in each drawer. When the whole basket is sorted I pick up the pile and through it in the drawer! The kids looks a little different, but not much. I wash all their clothes together and as I pull them out of the dryer I sort them back into this amazing 3 section laundry basket from amazon. Then I take it upstairs and I dump the piles in front of their dressers. I still have to do the baby’s but the other two help put away all their clothes! 

The Exceptions
I typically don’t by things that get super wrinkly, but because this system is so fast I put all our clothes away as soon as they are dry, and so I don’t have a lot of wrinkly clothes that have been sitting in a dryer for days anymore. Another exception is I do have some t-shirts that instead of throwing in the drawer I will lay on top just so they don’t get wrinkly in the drawer. I mentioned before about my towels being separated, I do these separate for two reasons. One, because I wash them in detergent and vinegar because if I don’t them smell like mildew death. Two, because they are easier to put away if they are all together and you can walk to the closet with the basket. The last exception is the clothes that I hang, mainly Drew’s work clothes and things I wear on Sundays and date nights. I haven’t found a system for them to hang themselves, so if you have suggestions I am open. If you found yourself judging me for being lazy, I hope you give me grace and if you related to my struggle with laundry I hope this was freeing to you. Even when laundry is concerned we can still say, hallelujah and amen. 


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