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I don't fold laundry

Laundry. Laundry. Laundry Shutter Did the title of this blog make you shutter, your shoulders tense, or did you spouse notice you were reading a blog about laundry and nudge you in the side? My hope is that this blog will not only provide some practical tips on laundry but will also freeing to someone! Why oh why? Laundry is essential to everyday living, I don't think anyone would debate about that. However, the manner in which people do laundry can vary greatly. I have been on a quest since having my first child to find the 1. Easiest 2. Cheapest 3. Fastest way to do household chores. I am not a wife and mom that leisurely loves doing laundry and dishes, if that is you then continue to enjoy and love it and I’m so glad for you. If you are not this wife and mom, and can relate to the constant mental struggle of spending 5.5 minutes to unload the dishwasher, (yes I timed myself because it was getting ridiculous at how much I avoided it) then you can probably relate

The real you.

Some days I feel like I’m too much and some days I’m not enough. Some days I’m strong and feel like superwoman and others I feel so weak that I don’t want to get out of bed.  I am an extrovert in some situations and an introvert in others. I love to get dressed up, get ready, and be around people and then sometimes all I want to do is stay in my pajamas for a week straight, close all my blinds, and make my kids play the silent game when the doorbell rings so no one knows I’m home.  I get excited about silly little things and upset about the littlest things. I speak too loud in restaurants and in public places and my feelings and thoughts are always on the craziest roller coaster ride.  Some days I’m in my bible for 30 minutes or more and some days all I want to do is scroll through my social media while sitting on the couch drinking a luke warm cup of coffee. Okay, let’s be real, cold coffee that I have previously heated up 3 times in the microwave. My 4 kids have a pact t

Invite Jesus into your mess

Today Some days having three babies is easier than other days. Some days everyone does what they are supposed to and it goes smoothly and all is well. But there are other days when it just isn’t happening. Today was one of those days. Just to give you a little glimpse into what I mean let me paint the picture…. Set the scene  My oldest is 4 going on 16. She is a nurturing, smart, and stubborn little thing and I know God is going to use her in big ways for the Kingdom. Well today she decided that instead of coming inside to pee pee in the potty (as I typed that it occurred to me that only moms talk that way) she decided to brave the wilderness and go in the grass. Okay, not so bad, right? Well, she got more than she bargained for and came running inside to tell me that she had, in fact, pooped in our yard. So I calmly told her that was gross and proceeded to help clean it up. By the time we had that under control my middle child, Beau who is wild and loves fiercely, dec