Welcome to Hallelujah + Amen

We are so glad you've stopped by our little corner of the internet! We wanted to start this blog as an outlet for ourselves and others to be open, honest, and real. We are so excited for this new hobby of ours and can't wait for you to come along this journey with us. 

Hallelujah + Amen came about after we had attended an all women's event where we heard numerous speakers talk about finding your purpose, taking risks, and obeying your calling. We got in the car, shared what we took away from the event, and there the idea for our very own blog came about. 

We are both nervous to put ourselves out there but we are ready to get this blog rolling and share our experiences and passions with others like you! We hope this blog serves as a place of hope as we use our experiences as christians, mothers, wives, daughters, and friends to entertain (hopefully) you and be vulnerable. 


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